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Let's Encourage Doctors to Include Sense of Personal Freedom in Health Check-Ups

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Health should be seen by doctors and patients as more than the absence of illness - here is a symptom worth checking.

Introduction: Personal Freedom Checkups

Death, Exuberance, Liberty and REAL Wellness

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This essay looks at the connections between death, liberty, exuberance and REAL wellness.

 No man standing where the horizon of a life has touched a
grave has any right to prophesy a future filled with pain and tears. It
may be that death gives all there is of worth to life. If those who
press and strain against our hearts could never die, perhaps that love
would wither frm the earth. Maybe a common faith treads from out the
paths between our hearts the weeds of selfishness, and I should rather
live and love where death is king than have eternal life where love is

Sexuality Viewed as a Pretty Important Part of a REAL Wellness Lifestyle

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Wellness is a mindset that entails making a conscious set of lifestyle choices. Among them: how to think about and act re sex.


Want to be Healthy, Fit, Exuberant and Enjoy a High Quality of Life? Eat Chocolates

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It's possible to be well and pursue wellness without chocolates, but why would anyone do such a thing?

Introduction: The True Meaning of ‘Eat More Chocolates’

In an era of political correctness, many people waste time being offended. If you are among them, at least pick worthy targets that offend. You might start by being offended by a food industry that devotes little attention to health and a health care industry that devotes even less attention to food. Choosing the right food most of the time is one of the keys to REAL wellness. Consider this: Eat more chocolates.

There Are Two Categories of One Percenters and You Have a Slight Chance of Being a Part of One of Them

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There two different kinds of great divides in America - the grotesquely super rich and the rest of us and the super well and everyone else.

Introduction: Imbalances in Wealth and Lifestyles

Beware the Christian Right's Theocracy Agenda

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America is awash in foolish beliefs, and none is more hazardous than those religious beliefs that threaten secular democracy.

The Day I Got Carried Away at Toastmasters

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The topic assigned for an impromptu speech contest was simply too tempting - while a rant may satisfy, going off on one is hazardous.

(Note to the reader: Some literary license has been taken with the facts but only for artistic purposes, to better convey the drama of the human struggle for existential authenticity and to serve the cause of justice, the dream of human fulfillment and the hope for world peace. This tale is more or less based on an actual event.)


Isn’t it wonderful that we don’t have a rule everyone must follow? Until last week, it never occurred to me to be grateful for the absence of a single rule everyone had to follow.

My Toastmaster Ice-Breaker: A Run for Mayor of Tampa and my Life as 4 F Spectacles

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My run for mayor and my life - two matters that seem to have turned out for me.


A few weeks ago, I described my initial experience at Toastmasters International.

There Are No Worksite Wellness Programs, Only Corporate Medically-Based Prevention Efforts Posing as Wellness

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What exists in cost containment, medical management - not wellness. We need REAL wellness.

The term wellness has been hijacked. The Evil Doers guilty of this insidious affront to decency include the medical profession, corporate executives and alternative medicine types. These sectors have unwittingly collaborated in the conversion  of  wellness into disease prevention. In the watered-down wellness model on offer, wellness has been reduced to detection of risk and disease prevention - the absence of chronic illness is the ultimate goal, rather than the promotion of well-being.  

Darwin Day is February 14: A Great Reason to Celebrate Reason

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Do what the Right-Wing, theocratic Congress is unlikely to do: resolve to honor the work of Charles Darwin.

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