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Wellness Lifestyes and Irrationality: Are the Two Compatible?

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A commentary on a popular pastime that wastes time, goes nowhere, accomplishes nothing and is irrational and demeaning.

Introduction: Epic Time-Wasters

A Wellness Perspective on the Migrant Crisis

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Can anything be done to meet the needs of desperate migrants that also safeguards quality of life in reluctant host countries?

Introduction: An Insufferable Situation

of desperate people fleeing civil wars and anarchy in Syria,
Afghanistan, Iraq and other Middle Eastern as well as African countries
have risked their lives for a chance at a better life in Europe,
particularly Germany and other prosperous European nations.

The Presidential Candidates, Other Than Bernie Sanders, Are Awful But the Voters Are Even Worse But There IS a Solution

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Better mental health in order that vastly more Americans Evolve Into Well Persons is essential for the nation's future.

Introduction: Ingersoll on the Well Person

Be Skeptical of Media Accounts Concerning Medical Breakthroughs

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Newspapers are painted in broad strokes; the merits as well as the Devil are in the details.

It's easy to get excited at some of the headlines in daily newspapers, especially those heralding the latest research findings.  Maybe this happens in part because of a need to sell newspapers, or maybe the people in the newsrooms who write headlines don't have time to read the full studies.  In any event, I have noticed a serious disconnect between the promise and the reality in a lot of announcements about the latest research findings on health matters.

Why are Americans Not #1 in Health Status?

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Americans spend far more on "health" (i.e., medical care, mostly) than any others. Why are we not the healthiest?

Americans have so many advantages, you would think we would be first in all major morbidity and mortality indices used to assess health status, but we are not first in any category -- we are not even in the top ten in most categories.

Why Obama and Everyone Else Should Reconsider Asking God to Bless America

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What good has ever come from uttering the words, "God Bless America?" None, I argue in this short essay.


Robert Green Ingersoll said of Improved Man that “he will not endeavor by prayers and supplication, by fastings and genuflections, to change the mind of the ‘Infinite or alter the course of nature; neither will he employ others to do those things in his place.”


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Do you sometimes use a high-tech tracking device when you exercise?

A Wellness Enthusiast Tries to Make Sense of Trump and the Republican Party

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What's a wellness promoter to think of the presidential run of Donald Trump and, more important, the Republican Party. Read on.


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Yoga Nidra for Complete Relaxation and Stress Relief by Julie Lusk

Introduction: (Pre-existing Conditions (i.e., Prejudices)

Birthdays, Death Days and In-Between Days

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What days of the year do have special meaning for you? Name three to five and explain. That's what I've done here.

(Note: This article was written 15 years ago - on my birthday. Enjoy.)

Special Days

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