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Foods That Cause Kidney Stone - Know What You Should Avoid

If you already know that you are get oxalate kidney stones, you should avoid some very specific foods.

If kidney stones run in your family, you are definitely more likely to have kidney stones at least once in your life. If you already know that you are get oxalate kidney stones, you should avoid some very specific foods. Foods that cause kidney stone with oxalates are:

- sweet potatoes
- rhubarb
- black tea
- spinach
- chocolate
- beets
- okra
- swiss chard
- peanuts
- soybean crackers
- wheat germ
- liver
- grits
- marmalade
- grapes
- strawberries
- celery
- fruit cake
- red raspberries
- green peppers

It is important that you discuss with your medical care provider the foods that cause kidney stones further, so you can avoid them. Some things you might not be able to avoid if you are on a specific diet regimen.

In some circumstances your doctor might want you to consult a nutritionist to help you with a meal plan that will benefit your health and not increase your risks of kidney stones.

Modifying your diet can be among the best ways for you to be able to reduce and possibly eliminate the discomfort and pain that is all too often associated with kidney stones. Here are more foods you should avoid if possible:

- dairy products (milk, cheese etc)
- white flour
- tea
- coffee
- spices
- sugar loaded foods
- meats
- condiments (ketchup, mayo, relish etc.)

Be aware, that not acquiring enough essential vitamins can also lead to the formation of kidney stones. This can sometimes make it important to begin a vitamin supplement regimen. Make sure you have the approval of your medical care provider before you take anything, even for pain.

It is possible that you can cause yourself more pain and discomfort if you are mixing medications without approval. Also, it is important that you are not diagnosing your kidney stones on your own. Be sure you visit your doctor and have a professional diagnosis. There are several other health related issues that can have the same symptoms as kidney stones.

Understanding and knowing the foods that cause kidney stones is going to be half of your battle in defeating them. It is likely you will still find you have kidney stones, but overall the pain should be much less intense and the frequency of the kidney stone formation should be less often. Simple things like dietary modifications and increasing your water intake can prove to be wise decisions for your kidney stones.

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