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5 Cities with the Highest Drug Abuse Rates

Many organizations have stepped up to try and fight the war on drugs, here is a list of the top 5 most drug abused cities in the nation.

Many are under the impression that drug addiction only affects large cities. However, the most recent statistics indicate that addiction has also begun to take over small towns and rural communities.

According to a 2009 Forbes magazine article, the 5 areas with the highest drug abuse rates were cities such as New Orleans, Baltimore, and San Francisco as well as small cities like Española, New Mexico and several others throughout the country.

Here are some of the top drug abused cities in the United States today:

Española, New Mexico - has just a small population of over 9,000 people but is being plagued by heroin addiction for many years. The city also deals with a high poverty rate as well as the fact that many drugs are available because the location is in close proximity to Juarez, Mexico.

Staten Island, New York - has also seen an increase in drug abuse as well. The Staten Island Real Times recently reported that one resident is killed every 13 days because of prescription drug overdose.  The city which is the most suburban of all the areas of New York, and the least populated has seen an increase in crime because of prescription abuse including robberies of pharmacies throughout the city.

Baltimore, Maryland - another city with one of the highest drug abuse rates, the Office of the National Drug Control Policy reports that the city has the higher numbers of heroin addicts and crime related to heroin compared to any city in the country. In addition more than 60% of substance abuse treatment admissions involved heroin abuse in Baltimore.

San Francisco, California - yet another California city that has experienced problems with cocaine and prescription drug abuse for many years. The city had 133 cocaine related deaths in a one year period and more than 700 Emergency Room visits because of cocaine in three months. The San Francisco Public Press reports that properly disposing of prescription drugs has also become a real problem in the city and lead many to prescription addiction. The current solution for prescriptions has been to flush the drugs or throw them in the garbage which leaves them open to be taken and abused. Oxycodone is currently one of the most abused prescriptions in San Francisco.

New Orleans, Louisiana - The Office of the National Drug Control Policy reports that the city of New Orleans has had an increase of 30% during a one year period for drug-related homicides. The city has had an ongoing prescription drug abuse problem and Oxy Contin is the drug of choice among many citizens of the area. However marijuana still remains the most popular drugs in New Orleans.

Other notable mentions:
Missoula, Montana - an additional city that has appeared in the news recently is the small city of Missoula with a population of around 60,000 has also had its fair share of drug abuse issues as well. The state continues to appear in the news with marijuana abuse problems including illegal distribution of medical marijuana and arrests. Methamphetamine and prescription drugs have also become a huge problem for Missoula and all over the country.

Other cities that are looking at increases based on current trends include Atlanta, Georgia as well as the entire state of Florida. The state was recently named ‘worst drug use by state’ by many inside local officials and media outlets and has seen an overwhelming increase in prescription abuse and crime.

This post was written by Frank Julien who is a freelance writer for Julien is a full time dad with two children whose goal is to spread awareness to children worldwide to stay away from drugs.

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