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Kids nebulizer – Use fun masks to shake off fear

Children just like adults suffer from respiratory diseases and treating them is no easy task as they do not take medicines easily.

Children just like adults suffer from respiratory diseases and treating them is no easy task as they do not take medicines easily.  The best way to prevent a respiratory attack is by introducing them to kids nebulizers. Not only children with asthma but also those suffering from anti-inflammatory disorders and wheezing trouble can also opt for nebulizers. Grown up kids do not have any issues using a nebulizer but children below the age five always find it traumatic to use nebulizer.  It becomes a challenge for parents to get their kids use a nebulizer. But none the less the need for a nebulizer is understood by parents and they take sufficient care to introduce nebulizers to their children.

A mouthpiece or a face mask assists in administering the dosage to the child. The liquid medicine is converted into aerosol that can be inhaled by the child for immediate relief. The medicine reaches the lungs directly and gives quick relief. The nebulizer has to be held close to the nose or mouth of the child and medicine should be inhaled. A strap can be used to hold the mouthpiece in place. The child should take deep long breaths so that the medicine reaches the lungs quickly. Ensure that the child breathes slowly. The breaths have to be taken at regular intervals until the medicine is completed cleared from the measuring cup.

The nebulizer has to be cleaned on a regular basis. The air passage has to be clear from blocks to enable free flow of the medicine. The manufacturer’s instruction helps to clean the nebulizer easily. Use warm water to clean the mask, mouthpiece and T-shaped part and allow them to dry properly before storing. Kids are scared of nebulizer because of the loud sound they make. But these days ultrasonic nebulizers are slowly replacing the noisy traditional nebulizer. Children can heave a sigh of relief with these new noiseless nebulizers, as they are not only less cumbersome but also effectively deliver the medicines to the lungs.

Kids nebulizer today has become attractive with fun masks to wade away the apprehensions children undergo. These fun masks come in the form of animal faces, clown faces and bright colors. With this new mask children feel comfortable and forget that they are being treated as they get into a playful mood. Allow your child to access the nebulizer when not in use, liking holding the tube, using the facemask, etc. This way the kid will get used to the pediatric nebulizer machine and the initial fear they had on the nebulizer will no longer remain. Once they shake off the fear it is easy to treat them for their respiratory disorder.

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