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Benefits of using Invacare Oil Emulsion Dressing

An article talking about the advantages of invacare oil emulsion dressing.

Oil emulsion dressing is a must have in a first aid kit. Especially sportspersons who are prone to accidents need to carry oil emulsion dressing in their bag. Minor cuts, lacerations, suture lines, burns, skin ulcers, ER abrasions can be dressed using Invacare Oil Emulsion Dressing. It is suitable for all kinds of small wounds. The oil emulsion dressing is suitable for exuding away discharge from the wounds and helps to keep the wound dry at all times therefore quickening the process of healing. The knitted mesh fabric medicated with white petrolatum and mineral oils keeps your skin free from further damage.

The oil emulsion dressing is a non-adhesive covering that absorbs all discharges and liquids and keeps the wound dry. Sometimes mineral oil is used helping the wounds to heal naturally. Oil dressing is preferred because the molecules in the oil are smaller when compared to the skin molecules; therefore it does not clog the skin. The oil penetrates through the skin and heals the wounds. The greatest benefit of using mineral oil is that it is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, analgesic, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, this means it gives your skin all the needed nourishment and brings back life to the dead skin. The oil not just acts as a healing element it also helps in reducing the pain to a larger extent. Since the oil is infused with white petrolatum it acts as a painkiller as well. Petrolatum is non-toxic and non-irritating and hence the healing process is fast.

Oil emulsion dressing within no time heals your skill and will remove all the scars from the skin. It allows the wounds to breathe as it is made of knitted mesh fabric. Doctors use it for primary dressing purposes. The design is hygienic and therefore no need to worry about the burns or wounds that you have been inflicted upon you. You will realize within no time that the wounds will disappear from your skin. You can find lot of unbranded oil emulsion dressing products available on the store shelf. Do not even attempt to try these. Always trust your health with branded products like Invacare oil emulsion dressing. Invacare is a popular brand that is not just used for skin wounds but also used as a primary treatment for other skin conditions.

Even people who have undergone radiation treatments can use Invacare oil emulsion dressing to soothe the inflammations. The product helps prevent all foreign bodies from entering into the wound, thereby enhancing the healing process. Moreover the mineral oil and petrolatum act as a barrier that says no to moisture. The dressing can be easily peeled off without hurting your skin.

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