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Xeroform Petrolatum Dressing

A blog post on Xeroform Petrolatum gauze dressing and its applications

The Xeroform petrolatum gauze dressing is kind of sterile non adherent gauze dressing with bacteriostatic action. It contains three percent bismuth tribromophenate in a special petrolatum blend on very fine mesh gauze.

This Xeroform petrolatum dressing is just great for use on skin tears and burns. Xeroform when used, clings well to the skin and smoothes, heals and keeps it totally contamination free. The Xeroform petrolatum gauze dressing is especially recommended by plastic surgeons to be used as dressing on surgery sites since it speeds up the healing process and keeps it absolutely free of infection. It’s non adherent property allows the Xeroform petrolatum gauze dressing to cling and conform to all body contours.

The Xeroform petrolatum gauze dressing is also used in compression therapy and applied on deep and shallow wounds. This helps to protect and promote moist wound healing. In fact this gauze dressing is non traumatic to the wound and it does not hurt the patients when it is removed from the wound. The Xeroform promotes bacteriostatic action in the case of light exudating wounds.

The Xeroform is very easy to use. Just peal foil edges down from the point of arrows to allow for aseptic removal. Gently place or pack the dressing on to the wound. In the process, use transparent film tape, island dressing or roll gauze on to it and secure it in place. In case of some patients, irritation may develop if there is a a past history of atopy or sensitivity to bismuth tribromophenate exists. If irritation persists, discontinue use of this Xeroform gauze dressing. The major plus factor when it comes to Xeroform petrolatum gauze dressing is that it is absolutely non traumatic to the patient during dressing changes.

The Xeroform petrolatum gauze, in simple terms is a medicating, deodorizing occlusive and non adhering wound dressing that is composed of three percent bismuth tribromophenate in a petrolatum blend on fine mesh gauze. Each dressing is well packed and sealed in a sterile and convenient peel open, tamper proof, foil pouch. It usually comes in boxes of fifty individually wrapped dressings.

Xeroform petrolatum gauze dressing, even though is very absorptive, it also allows moisture to escape. This gauze dressing can also be used as primary dressing for open wounds with heavy exudation. Doing gauze dressings also aid in preventing the closed wound from contracting or developing additional trauma or the possibility of infection setting in. Use Xeroform petrolatum dressing gauze and live a stress free infection free life!

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