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Increase of male potency without medications:Only six special exercises

Increase of male potency without medications on the basis of therapeutic exercises

Before using medications for potency improvement, try easy and very effective method of increase of erection which is based on therapeutic exercises.

Only six special exercises for several minutes in the morning and evening, and you will see the improvement in a few days! The efficiency of theses simple exercises is comparable with the usage of medications such as viagra or cialis but the effect will accompany you the whole your life until you will do the exercises for men.
When can we talk about potency loss in men and the useful usage of this exercise?

  • “groundless” loss of interest to sex, “lazy to begin”, “loss of energy”
  • Absence of spontaneous erection at night and in the morning
  • Insufficient firmness of penis during erection
  • Weakening of erection during sexual intercourse and inability to carry it out

What is the reason of these phenomena?
- without going into detail in the anatomy of the penis - the reason is insufficient blood flow in the cavernous bodies of penis making it not enough hard during an erection.
How do fitness and run improve potency? According to scientists the general sports activity is not effective in this problem. Special exercises are needed.
How do the following exercises help?
- after exercises due to increase of the work of “potency muscles” the blood flow to the penis is improved and erection is also improved.

Exercise 1.”Parade step”

You stand straight, arms are down - Fig. 1 and start marching as high as possible raising your knees, as if pressing them to the stomach.

Exercise 2. “Hold a stone”

You stand straight, hands on hips Knees slightly bent (!). Now, bend your knees more and more, tense and relax the muscles of the buttocks several times, as if holding the stone between them.
Stand erect not unbending knees to the end.

Exercise 3. “Skipping”

You stand upright, knees slightly bent. Start running in place, but do not tear your toes from the floor, but only heels by turn - quickly shifting from foot to foot on-site and quickly push your knees alternately forward. Only your knees move back and forth! Exercise should be done as quickly as possible and less than one minute at the beginning.

Exercise 4. “Bridge”

You lie on your back. Knees bent and feet are on the floor. Hands are along the body. Back touches the floor evenly. Now raise pelvis up.

Exercise 5. "Muscles of potency”

Perhaps it is the most important exercise. You lie on your back as in exercise 4. Legs are slightly move apart and start to strain and relax the "muscles of potency”. They are inside between the anus and testicles, where an invisible extension of the penis is. You can feel them by your fingers during tension.
To exercise them, you should bring together the anus and testicles. A similar tension arises, if you hold urination but the muscles of the buttocks are relaxed!
When performing this exercise, the aim is not the number of exercises, but the force with which you will be able to cause the strain of the “muscles of potency".

Exercise 6. “Vacuum cleaner”

One more exercise for the “muscles of potency": You sit in a chair and bend slightly forward, but the shoulders should be straightened.
Imagine that you are sitting on, for example, buckwheat, and you're trying mentally to suck it by your muscles in the area between the testicles and anus, well, like a vacuum cleaner. Relax and repeat several times. If you do an exercise correctly, the muscles of the buttocks remain almost relaxed at the same time.
General recommendations: increase the load very slowly, do exercises relying on your health condition beginning with no more than 10 times for each exercise. You'll still notice the effect in a couple of days and then you will get a satisfaction doing these exercises!
We wish you success and joy in sex!

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