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Is Trump's Pick for AG Secretary Mental?

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How bizarre must beliefs be before a critical mass of voters decides a political official is too deranged to serve in public office?


Robert Green Ingersoll said this about the Bible: "If a man would follow, today, the teachings of the Old Testament, he would be a criminal. If he would strickly follow the teachings of the New, be would be insane."  In Iowa, the governor makes an official proclamation calling for bible marathon readings. In Georgia, a former governor and trump's choice to be Secretary of Agriculture, like nearly all Christian fundamentalists, believes in biblical inerrancy, sort of like the idea that the Pope is infallible when giving opinions on religious issues. In 2007, according to the website ThinkProgress, Governor Perdue asked his citizens to pray for rain so the a Christian god would intervene and put an end to a drought in 2007. Never mind that this was hugely offensive and a violation to the U.S. Constitution’s separation of church and state, the even larger problem was that it was jejune, ridiculous and embarrassing. It was an appeal to superstition. It was a Western form of witchcraft. According to NPR, Governor Perdue led the prayer service for rain at the Georgia state capitol. I'm not making this up - this is what the current nominee for Ag Secretary said at that service:

I’m here today to appeal to you and to all Georgians and all people who believe in the power of prayer to ask God to shower our state, our region, our nation with the blessings of water.

Many looked heavenward and unfurled umbrellas. Other hastily donned galoshes and prepared to rush to shelter, confident no doubt that the god would wait till they had a roof over their heads. Nothing happened - so the governor went on: 

We’ve come together here simply for one reason and one reason only: To very reverently and respectfully pray up a storm.It’s time to appeal to Him who can and will make a difference…

Alas, no storm. Annie Laurie Gaylor, co=founder of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, protested Perdue’s use of the Office of the Governor to organize, plan, and pay for the prayer service. 

You have a history of making prayer proclamations. It is time to quit confusing the office of governor with that of ‘state preacher.’

Heavy reports Perdue had a habit of involving his personal religion as part of his public duties. In 2005 he advocated the display of the 10 Commandments on the Georgia state capitol.In fact, ugly and ignorant religious extremism runs in the Perdue family. His brother, a state senator, when one giant ugly step farther, telling the 2016 Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority conference to pray for President Obama’s death.Anyone who considers a call prayer an appropriate form of public policy is not qualified to serve as in any public office, including Agriculture Secretary. Anyone who promotes prayer as witchcraft for murder is quite possible a lunatic. 

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