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Interesting ulrtrasound images of the thyroid:

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From autoimmune diseases of the thyroid to congenital absence of half of the thyroid, this gland can be a cause of much worry.

The thyroid is a butterfly shaped or H shaped gland in the lower neck and is an essential endocrine organ for our very survival. At my site: I describe (with few ultrasound images) cases where things can go wrong with this mysterious gland. Among the commonest conditions affecting the thyroid is an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Here the patient's own immune system attacks the gland and degrades its function resulting usually in reduced secretion of the thyroid hormones (T3, T4). Ultrasound imaging in conjunction with serological tests help diagnose this malady with ease. A large section of the populace is believed to be victims of this disease.

Less common but important congenital malformations of the thyroid are also covered in this page. Anong them: 1) absence of Half of the gland (hemiagenesis) 2) sublingual thyroid (where a part of the gland is located beneath the tongue)

I also have displayed some ultrasound images of goiters (commonest being multinodular goiter) and thyrotoxicosis, where the gland is hyperactive.

 Links at the end of each article/ case study describe the diseases in detail.

Joe Antony, MD.

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