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Sex after 75 is always healthy

As per a research study, one in three men age 75-95 remain sexually active, and say they would love to have sex

As per a
research study
, one in three men age 75-95 remain sexually active, and say they would love to have sex more and one in ten men age 95 does remain sexually active by having sex at least once in a year. The few who are missing sex in their life is due to physical conditions, lack of testosterone level or due to lack of partner.  

This study was carried in Australia on men aged 75 to 95, as most of the men were married or living with their partners. Even though there are many people who believe, continuing in being sexually active is not that important in older men. But according to the study, it is not so most of the people still feel sex is essential.  

A number of various studies have been made up to examine the sexuality in elder couple, who sometimes have very little or no sex at all. After the formation of the popular drug generic Viagra the life of all the men has changed and hardly been the
same. Sex life can not stop just because they are getting old, older men too like to do things that younger men do. Brain is one of the most influencing sex organs, and if the brain is willing to have sex then it must be encouraged.

Men suffering from severe health difficulty are probably less sexually active. Men who are not interested in sex or are no longer capable to have sex, and consumed beta blockers or antidepressants, that helps to cure heart disease can considerably lower the level of libido in men. In some cases the patients have stopped taking drugs such as beta blockers to continue a healthy sex life, which definitely not advisable.    

We all know sexual activities are always linked with physical and mental conditions. A healthy sex life can promote healthy physical conditions in men. Similarly we should encourage elder couple to have sex, and support them to have a helpful sexual experience and keep away their sexual difficulties.

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