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Grand Rounds 2.37

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Grand Rounds 2.37 is here at The Medical Blog Network! Enjoy the best of this week's medical blogsphere.

Not until the last moment did I realize that my Grand Rounds falls on a day of apocalyptic significance, celebrated by some. My hope is that TMBN's new ideas will not cause the end of the world and instead bring us "Hell of a Grand Rounds"!

BREAKING NEWS: TMBN and Transmarx announce a first-ever full-day medical blog conference! Co-located at Consumer Health World 2006 on Dec. 11, 2006 in Washington D.C. For sponsorship info use the contact form. Come back often for more details!

First, a note of interest to every med-blog-o-sphere watcher:

What changed between our May 27 announcement and today? TMBN accumulated 50+ listings of medical blogs and counting. Directly owned by medical bloggers. What does it make this site?

The World's Largest Community of Medical Bloggers

Why is this important? What does it mean for the audience and for the bloggers? Why should YOU care?

Medical blogging is growing up from its hobbyist beginnings into a media force to be reckoned with. New medblogs are constantly being started, but tend to get lost in the noise of 30+ million strong general blogosphere. How can anyone make sense of all that?

Now TMBN lets any medical blogger to register and create a listing to tell their story, in their own words, unfiiltered. The public can now know where to find medblogs in a single directory, instead of having to fully rely on exciting, but chaotic web of links.

This marks a radical expansion of TMBN vision from merely a "group blog publication" to a service for medbloggers hosted elsewhere. Think of us being in the same league as Technorati and expect many more community features for bloggers and readers alike in the near future! Carnival management is only a start. And if you are a blogger and have not yet got listed, do not delay and join us!

This could not have happened without your support and I extend my sincerest thanks to every blogger who signed up.

Special thanks to Nick Genes and Medscape for an opportunity to tell our story in a Pre-Rounds interview (registration required). I would like to emphasize a few points, not published due to space constraints.

TMBN is as commited to serving the "independent medical blogosphere" as to creating our own publication. We are here to represent the interests of individual subjects of healthcare system: bloggers, patients / consumers and professionals.

NOTE: There is a technical update at the end of the post to address common issues faced by registering users. Now without further ado, let me proceed to the Grand Rounds submissions:

News & Announcements

Enoch Choi, MD of medmusings will be hosting a medblogger meetup at bloggercon 4 in SF on June 23-34. That is a tradition from the previous ones and will include 1.5 hours with Michael Ostrovsky of MedGadget,
Matthew Holt of The Health Care Blog and yours truly. RSVP to Enoch at enochchoimd-thoughts AT yahoo {DOT} com.

Clinical Cases and Images has a redesign around A Case-Based Curriculum of Clinical Medicine. Congratulations, Dr. Dimov.

Patient Stories

Karen Hannah Railing is a Student Nurse who reflects on her experience of becoming a patient: "I have a new understanding for the frustration patients have, aside from the physical discomfort: missing work, losing money, rearranging things, worrying your family and friends."

Kim, Emergency RN of Emergiblog fame recently started a new blog from a patient perspective as "family member" of her husband visiting ER. The name says it all: Scared to Health.

Sunlight Follows Me has a touching story of a very supportive father, helping his child through the emergency department: Like Father, Like Son.

A Difficult Patient tells a difficult story. June 4, 2006 is the one year anniversary of her decision to take her children and go to a shelter for victims of domestic abuse/violence.

Dream Mom lives up to her blog title with a Part II of a IV Part Series about her severely disabled teenage son whose life was saved from MRSA pneumonia.

Elisa Camahort from HealthyConcerns tells a patient story about marketing gone horribly awry in a cancer clinic.

Patient Education

Dr. Fuhrman of Disease Proof weighs in on a follow up report by NPR on America's vitamin obsession, orginally reported on by Reuters: Q & A On Vitamins.

Gloria Dioquino Gamat a prolific pro-blogger at Straight From The Doc, discusses Caffeine on Low Birth-weight and Premature Babies, using her own habits as an example.

Deborah Serani, Psy.D., who occasionally blogs on TMBN, says that "The health benefits of powernapping will make you want to snag a snooze in the afternoon".

Pulmonologist Jeff Jennings, MD answers question from a reader whose mother has bullous emphysema and is worried about the dangers of air travel.

An Indian Orthodoc discusses Osteoporosis and Salmon Calcitonin brought up by his neighbor.

Anxiety, Addiction and Depression Treatments raises the issue of reality TV exploiting people's health problems.

Happystance talks about "real age scales" used to shame 40-year olds by telling them they are like 70 year olds.

John La Puma, M.D. gives advice about vitamins: Vitamin D and Immunity. Or, Why You Should Have Your Level Tested.

Physician, Nurse & PA Stories

Shadowfax MD tells us what happens to physicians answering "is there a doctor on board" call on airplanes.

Dr. Flea, MD, PhD was sued in 2002 and now re-prints the text of the plaintiff's complaint to illustrate the loaded language: Negligent, Careless, and Unskillful.

Neonatal Doc is really tired and he tells us all why. End-of-life decisions for babies are grueling.

KeaGirl at UroStream has a story of urethritis patient worried about the side effects

PixelRN has a two part series on the tough end-of-ilfe decisions on ventilation and extubation (Vent Wars, Vent Wars, II)

Kim, of Emergiblog has a poetic / romantic take on working a night shift: Because The Night Belongs To Us.

Protect The Airway, a clinical nurse in a major ED, talks about differentiating real emergencies from drug seekers.

TundraPA has a story on "Tobacco Use in Bush Alaska".

Medical Science, Research and Education

Tara Smith of Aetiology sheds the light on important research that could point to The Origins of HIV

Gloria Dioquino Gamat again. At The Pharm Voice, talks about new Radiesse™ Injectable Filler, that Passed Multicenter Clinical Voice Study for the Treatment of Vocal Fold, and at Cancer Commentary about potential cancer and HIV cures.

Shrink Rap, a Psychiatrist speculates about the future of therapy, which is Internet: Reality Therapy Vlog: "PsychoTherapy 2.0".

Dr Emer comments on recent studies. BMJ says that some commonly used painkillers can double the risk of a heart attack. Singapore scientists say that dark soya sauce is many times more potent than red wine or Vitamin C in terms of antioxidant activity

Breath Spa For Kids discusses a new paper: Insomnia In Children And Adolescents: A Definition And Some Issues.

My Life, My Pace examines the relationship between marriage and scientific career: How to ruin a brilliant scientific career

Medical Humanities has a story of a medical student who finds oncology patients very different from those who show up at screening clinics.

The Rumors Were True on Why Go To Medical School? Reason #2.

Policy, Politics and Business

Dr. Crippen has a depressing expose of British NEW LABOUR government, restricting health care without reference to the medical profession.

Bob Vineyard at InsureBlog explores the relationship between managed care and defensive medicine. What happens when false-positives lead to more services?

William Marcus Newberry, MD found what US healthcare system has in common with Corleone Family: Nothing personal, it's just business. Read about the interaction of demands and needs with commerce.

Trapier Keith Michael, BA looks from the opposite side at how consumer-driven health care is changing the face of healthcare delivery with the "McDonaldization" of medicine and how practicing physicians can take advantage of new consumer-driven opportunities.

David Williams says that "George Bush is a Louse enabler" and the "No Nit" policy finally met its match.

Health IT and Quality

Matthew Holt from The Health Care Blog is not impressed with AMA. He heard a talk from the Secretary of the AMA that made him despair that we'll ever get the doctors on board.

Carol Kirshner is torn. As a healthcare administrator she understands the value of electronic medical records. Yet recently she had a Not-So-Good Experience with EMR as a patient.

Tony Chen of Hospital Impact wonders how do we really gauge which hospitals are truly the best and whether any but academic medical centers have a chance: The "Best" Hospitals in the U.S.

Interested-Participant on Aventura Hospital protocol: "to admit patients, strap their arms and legs in restraints, dope them unconscious, and then wait for them to die".

"Raw" Edition & TMBN System Status

In addition to the author's take, Grand Rounds 2.37 is also available in a "raw edition". Which means bloggers who submitted through our system get a chance to "tell their story in their own words".

Hosts choosing to use this system going forward will have an option to turn off raw edition or make it come up only after a certain date to supplement, not replace, the host's take.

This issue received 43 submissions total, which is just a hair over than last one at KidneyNotes (42). Automated system yielded 33 entries, while email / contact form brought in 10. So generally, this submission approach is alive and kicking.

However, a few last moment submitters apparently had more trouble with the system and a few gave up. My theory is that early submitters in general are tech-savvier and were able to use instructions, that confused the later group. Now the major usability trouble spots have been identified and are being fixed right now.

Everyone who missed the submission in the last moment can submit using the contact form and I will add their links.

With that in mind, while the submission system will be used for next Health Wonk Review, I would like to pull it from the larger Grand Rounds until more usability testing is completed. This also means the full rollout of following features will have to wait until after priority fixes:

  • Syndicated feed setup
  • AdSense revenue sharing
  • Submission email reminders

I want to again thank everyone who signed up or provided feedback and ideas. With your help we are going to create a true medical blogger "watering hole" community!

Next Grand Rounds will be hosted by Haversian Canal.

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from Straightfromthedoc on Sat, 06/10/2006 - 3:50am

The medical grand rounds was hosted this week at The Medical Blog Network. Stay tuned for another best of medical blogging next week at The Haversian Canal....

from Health 2.0 on Thu, 06/08/2006 - 7:50am

Health Voices' Medical Blog Network hosts the Grand Rounds. Btw, The Medical Blog Network at Health Voices is growing rapidly, adding 50 new medical bloggers in the last few weeks alone. Check out their upcoming medical-blogging conference in

from Blog Carnival on Wed, 06/07/2006 - 5:52am
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Are being hosted this week at The Medical Blog Network, read them here. At some point I'll get ...

from InsureBlog on Tue, 06/06/2006 - 12:00pm

Grand Rounds is up over at Health Voices. Our host, Dmitriy, has used his new submission gizmo to organize over 40 posts, including insights and info on each one. Bravo!

from on Tue, 06/06/2006 - 8:49am

Another banner week for Grand Rounds, hosted by the Medical Blog Network, as there are dozens of psots to peruse. Including my recent story about marketing gone horribly awry at a cancer clinic. Don't miss tons of other posts and

from GruntDoc on Tue, 06/06/2006 - 6:55am

What would GruntDoc do today? Why, link to this week's Grand Rounds, and give an excerpt! Not until the last moment did I realize that my Grand Rounds falls on a day of apocalyptic significance, celebrated by some. My hope...

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Submitted by Dr. Deborah Serani on Tue, 06/06/2006 - 5:35am.


WOW. What a fabulous job!!


Submitted by TKM on Tue, 06/06/2006 - 7:41am.

Excellent work! Kudos!!

Submitted by That Girl (not verified) on Tue, 06/06/2006 - 8:21am.


Submitted by neonataldoc on Tue, 06/06/2006 - 12:58pm.

Nice work, Dimitriy.  Thank you.  

Submitted by ipanema (not verified) on Wed, 06/07/2006 - 2:44am.

Just want to draw your attention that Dr. Emer's first article on painkillers is not properly linked.  Thank you.Smiley

Submitted by Toby Bloomberg on Wed, 06/07/2006 - 5:42am.

Toby Bloomberg
for more thoughts on marketing visit Toby at Diva Marketing (Blog)

Dmitriy - I continue to be impressed with not only your vision but with your ability to make it happen! Hats off to you for your innovation in pulling the medical bloggers together and in helping to educate the profession about social media.

Submitted by hippocrates on Wed, 06/07/2006 - 6:09am.

Thanks to everyone again for your support and recognition.

ipanema - I fixed Dr.Emer's link.

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