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REMINDER: Healthcare Blogging Survey, Summit & Widgets [NEW!!!]

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Announcing a new Medical Blog Widget program, checking up on the Healthcare Blogger Survey and recognizing our supporters.

Envision Solutions and The Medical Blog Network would like to remind everyone about the first global survey of healthcare bloggers open from July 31 through September 29. We cannot wait to unveil our report at the Healthcare Blogging Summit in December!

Now that we are in the mid-point of the survey period we would like to recognize all bloggers who helped create the buzz and to remind you and your readers to participate and spread the word, if you have not done so yet. With 160+ responses to date we already have a good sample size but want to be sure we do not miss anyone.

Now, it is a great pleasure to recognize our supporters:

  1. A Shel of My Former Self by Shel Holtz
  2. Altyrian View by John Mims 
  3. Ambulatory Computing by Dr. Rob Lamberts
  4. Blogger's Blog by Writer's Write Inc.
  5. business|bytes|genes|molecules by Deepak Singh  
  6. Capsules - A Medical Meetings Blog by Sue Pelletier  
  7. Clinical Cases and Images by Dr. Ves Dimov
  8. Cavalcade of Risk by Hank Stern
  9. CCUCEO by Zane Safrit
  10. ChronicBabe by Jenni Prokopy
  11. Clinical Cases and Images by Dr. Ves Dimov
  12. Colorado Health Insurance Insider by Jay Norris
  13. Concepts in Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Rehab by Brian Eckenrode
  14. ConverStations by Mike Sansone
  15. Descendents of the Ash and Elm by Becky
  16. Diabetes Mine by Amy Tenderich
  17. Diva Marketing Blog by Toby Bloomberg
  18. Driving In Traffic by Carol Kirshner
  19. eHealth News by Cathy McKnight
  20. Emergiblog by Kim McAllister
  21. EMR and HIPAA by ???
  22. Entrepreneurial MD by Philippa Kennealy
  23. Greater Rx by Lara  
  24. Grunt Doc by Grunt Doc
  25. Health Care Law Blog by Bob Coffield
  26. In case I forget by ???
  27. infOpinions? by Robert French
  28. Inland Empire RHIO Blog by Gary M. Levin MD
  29. InsureBlog by Hank Stern
  30. Know More Media by Dan Smith
  31. by ???
  32. medmusings by Enoch Choi
  33. Mexico Medical Student by Enrico Canto
  34. Micro Persuasion by Steve Rubel
  35. by Marc Kashinsky
  36. MSSPNexus Blog by Rita Schwab
  37. Neil Versel's Healthcare IT Blog by Neil Versel
  38. On Social Marketing and Social Change by Craig Lefebvre
  39. PharmaGossip by Insider
  40. Pharmometer by Lydia Worthington
  41. PsychSplash by Gareth Furber
  42. Richard G. Petty, MD Blog by Dr. Richard G. Petty
  43. Scared to Health by Kim McAllister
  44. ShrinkRap by Roy
  45. Spare Change by Nedra Weinreich
  46. Stuart Hall by Stuart Glendinning Hall
  47. The Business Innovation Insider by Marc Schiller
  48. The Healthcare Blog by Matthew Holt
  49. The Healthcare IT Guy by Shahid Shah
  50. The Mom & Me Journals dot Net by Gail Rae
  51. Vitum Medicinus by Vitum Medicinus
  52. Web Marketing & Consulenza sui Blog e Motori di Ricerca by Sante Achille
  53. Worker Bees Blog by Elisa Camahort
  54. Worker Comp Insider by Julie Ferguson

If you linked to our Survey or Summit, but are not on the list please send us the name of your blog and the URL of the post using the contact form to be added. When posting the Survey announcement, please include all links from the first paragraph of this post and mention the Summit, where the results will be presented.

[NEW]: Announcing Medical Blog Widgets

Please also take your time to check out our new "web widget" program, aimed to further connect health & medical blogging community. The first widget provides a countdown clock to the Summit and can be seen at the top of the right sidebar on this site. We hope you too install it on your blog to help spread the word!

Thanks for your support and we look forward to sharing the survey findings with the community.

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from Diva Marketing (Blog) on Tue, 09/19/2006 - 11:41pm

The Medical Blog Network is conducting one of the first comprehensive surveys of healthcare bloggers. If healthcare is a componenet to your content please take a few seconds .. remember .. your opinon counts! Healthcare Blogging Survey. Dmitriy Kruglyak,

from InsureBlog on Thu, 09/07/2006 - 6:41am

Greetings fellow wonks (and wonkettes), and welcome to InsureBlog. Along with my (thus far) unindicted co-conspirator, Bob Vineyard, we try to make insurance understandable, or at least bearable, to our fellow denizens of these tubes.

from HealthCareVox on Tue, 09/05/2006 - 6:32am

This post also appears on the blog Envisioning 2.0. As readers of this blog may be aware, my firm Envision Solutions and The Medical Blog Network (TMBN) are currently fielding the first global survey of healthcare bloggers. Since the launch...

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