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Synergy Spanish -EZ Battery Reconditioning

Synergy Spanish -EZ Battery Reconditioning review scam pdf free download

Synergy Spanish

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Junior high body when the daily breakfast is a box of milk, a bread, a cage dumplings, a gut powder, an apple, a bowl of porridge, so eat, less than noon or hungry, was long body, also Not too fat too serious, but not thin

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High school when I basically maintained at 104 pounds to 108 pounds or so, because born is a food, super invincible love, each meal weight is greater than a lot of boys, and how to eat is not full type, so always maintain a flesh Of the state, and occasionally go to the playground to run, every week 2 section of physical education, was not too much attention to weight, but the third year to put aside everything to the fat to 115 pounds, feel very silent, vowed to lose weight!

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The main weight is the summer vacation after the college entrance examination down, then a month, the morning or according to their own appetite to eat, noon sometimes eat boiled melon, eat very little rice, do not eat at night, open a movie , And then went to the end of the film, so to the university school should be about 104 pounds, or very effective, but the body to collapse, and casually walk a few steps are tired.

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(Reminders also want to use the movie The way to run the way of children's shoes, do not want to see the joy of the brain does not waste the film, I was once seen a <17-year-old cycling> tangled me, the oppression must not run, and once Under a no subtitles of Japanese movies, thinking about practicing hearing it, the results of death can not read, and once under a Japanese film English subtitles ... ... a variety of large changes in the brain language, super pain ....)

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After the university began to contact the model industry, like my weight of these people simply do not mix, so began to lose weight, made countless times determined to make numerous ruthless, the results are still around 100 pounds wandering, and weight fluctuations Especially in the range of large, eat a meal after the weight of 6-8 pounds, doom do 2 years to go back, so the cycle ....

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Today I think for a long time, I think I want to open .I really envy those models happy life, like to take pictures, every month lived a relaxed tens of thousands of people are spoiled life,

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I tried to But the results will be happy, but 2 years later, I just continue to repeat the pain, constantly being hit, watching them eat every day their favorite Things are so thin on the mirror so nice to see so much work around them, but I do not dare to eat anything, obviously do not want to exercise when they are forced to force their own to exercise, a bad mood to eat a meal Full of guilt how painful, and then the weight and then come back to start the next weight loss cycle of pain. The process of such pain, pain can forget happiness.,270872.0.html

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