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Body Building Diet Plans

Feeding Still, part of the weight gain will come from fat, as it is extremely.


Still, part of the weight gain will come from fat, as it is extremely difficult to gain muscle mass without gaining some fat. But we should not worry too much, because in the next phase of the process, pass through the definition phase, which we will focus on losing fat without losing muscle.

In this phase of increased weight ratio of macronutrients is as follows:

50% Carbohydrate
40% Protein
10% Fat


There are basically two types of carbohydrates.

Complex carbohydrates.

These are carbohydrates that interest us and basically depleting it are: rice, pasta, potatoes and bread. If you realize you are basically cereals. Furthermore vegetables also include carbohydrates.

Simple carbohydrates. They come from refined foods, and are mainly sugars and refined flours. As can be all sweet foods, pastries, white bread, etc..

In short, we need to ingest 50% of our diet in complex carbohydrates, and can also include some simple carbohydrates, but most should be rice, pasta and potatoes.

They are found primarily in meat, fish, eggs and some nuts.

Not much to say here except to be eating as shown in the table above, 40% protein q ue is rather more than a normal diet usually contains. The amount of protein should be about 1-2 grams of protein per pound of body weight, but not obsess much with this.


They are found in milk, fatty meats and fish oils. The amount of fat you need is not great but I recommend you take monounsaturated fats are healthier than polyunsaturated. The monounsaturated fats found in olive oil and fat fish.

It is important to drink enough water, be well hydrated and avoid sugary drinks or soft drinks that are high in sugars. Drinking water is very important for muscle regeneration.

Distribution of meals

It is ideal to 6 meals a day, about every 3 hours. The reason is that the body is only able to assimilate some 50grs. protein in each intake, the protein rest discarded. As we eat lots of protein a day, it is necessary that we distribute to over 6 meals. Another important reason is that this does not give the body is hungry, which is an indication that we are starting to burn fat, so we are always providing the body with energy.

Six meals a day may be over but if we give them another name, not going to seem so: muscle gaining supplements
Snack or lunch (may be some nuts)
Another snack or snack (nuts again)
Snack before bed (a glass of skim milk, yogurt) something easy to digest, to sleep well

Seeing so many foods are not really doing 3 meals as usual, with a couple of snacks between meals and soft intake before bed.

Power Summary

With this power we are constantly inducing the body to an anabolic state, do not panic is not bad, anabolic means "growth", ie, we are putting our bodies to produce, to generate tissue. This is what happens when we are children and grow, in fact the rate of food is much like having children (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dinner), since they are growing and need a constant supply of energy.

Now we have the body ready to build muscle, first we take carbohydrates give us energy to exercise and generate some fat to induce the anabolic state and on the other hand, the large number of proteins that we will later exercise of the muscles to grow thanks to the donation.


To build muscle it is essential to exercise, but it is more important to do correctly.

Simplified terms, for everyone to understand us, we can divide the year into two types:

Force. (Anaerobic) In this type of exercise is carried much weight with low repetitions forcing the muscle to give its full potential in no time. They are commonly known as weight-bearing exercises. This type of exercise is that we want to gain muscle mass.

Resistance. (Aerobic) are moderate intensity exercises that are performed for longer, such as running, cycling, etc. This type of exercise is more targeted to weight loss, so we are not interested in this training phase.

Distribution of the exercises

We bodybuilding exercises working all the muscles but only working one or two muscle groups each day and not returning to work that muscle group all week.

For example, a distribution could be:

Monday. Chest and Back
Wednesday. Biceps and triceps

Leg and shoulder

The reason for this is that if we subject the muscle effort, it takes about 5-7 days to recover, in those days' rest on muscle size is recomposed and win. If not we rest, the muscle is not replaced and no size gains. On the other hand, we divide the training over several days to have enough energy for a group of muscles at a time. Because if we did them all at once on the same day, we would have enough power to force all muscle groups.
How do the exercises

Knowing how to do the exercises is also very important.

To gain muscle, we force the muscle to take it to the limit, if we fail to limit, not train hard, do not get the volume you want.

To do this, we will in the following manner:

Calculate the weight value of one repetition maximum. This is the maximum weight they can lift in one repetition.

That's called PRM (weight of repetition maximum). No need to do every day is just to calculate a starting weight for training.
We will make one or two warm-up sets of 10 repetitions with 75% of MRP.
Once heated, the series will really count, we put 85% of the PRM and do 6 reps.

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