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Men’s Health: Relational between heart disorder and hormonal changes

It is quite correct to believe in the famous Chinese proverb “when the heart is at ease

It is quite correct to believe in the famous Chinese proverb “when the heart is at ease, the body is healthy”, as the speaker was well aware of what he is saying. Present statistics indicates that major causes of death in men are due to heart related issues. Studies have indicated that male individuals are more susceptible to heart disorders as compared to women. Also the number of smokers is drastically higher in the male community than the female sector. The hormones also play an important role in determining the physical as well as psychological condition of an individual. One of the highly noticed factors causing heart malfunction in men is the truncated level of testosterone. Testosterones are defined as steroid hormones which are noticed in case of both male as well as female; but an adult man may have 10 time higher hormones than compared to a female adult.

These steroid hormones, testosterones are responsible for the following phenomenon:

  • The growth of male organ for reproduction •Changes in voice during the phase of puberty
  • Facial hair and pubic hair visibility
  • Development of bones
  • Muscles development
  • Determination of libido and sexual drive.

Studies have also indicated that decreased level of testosterone recorded in men can result in:

  • High blood pressure or Hypertension
  • Increased weight or obesity
  • Augmented cholesterol level and increased triglycerides levels
  • Increased risk of heart attack due to dilation of coronary arteries as well as other important arteries dilation
  • Increased level of Fibrinogen which results in augmented occurrence of a blood clots that chokes major artery which may also lead to heart attack
  • Torpidness and tiredness
  • Resistance to insulin that may insidiously cause diabetes All these changes are known to lead to cardiovascular disorders. Since the symptoms of heart disorders range from chest pain, fainting, fatigue, dizziness and palpitations (unpleasant sensation of irregular and abnormal beating of the heart felt by the patient), a quick check on the testosterone level can help control the disorder at an early stage. If the difference in the testosterone level is summed up at an early stage, the person can be put on hormonal therapy. Besides, the following changes in life style can also help curb this imbalance
  • Sleep well – ensure that you are well rested with at least 8 hours of lounging on the bed.
  • Balanced diet – having the right amount of proteins and carbohydrates keep your hormones happy and you…in shape.
  • Exercise – weight training that involve more muscles such as squats and bench press keep you in shape and your hormones balanced.
  • Cut your drinks- Research shows excess consumption of alcohol affects the endocrine system leading to the testes producing less testosterone.
  • Avoid stress – Stress in any form in known to lead to hormonal imbalance, not just leading to heart disorders but various other diseases. In order to ensure good health and avoid the occurrence of this disorder it is essential to follow health lifestyle habits. A healthy body is what makes you heart at ease.

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Submitted by Nyvaeh (not verified) on Tue, 01/31/2012 - 12:27pm.

There are no words to describe how bodaioucs this is.

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