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Health Wonk Review

Carnival Information:

Health Wonk Review is a biweekly compendium of the best of the health policy blogs. More than two dozen health policy, infrastructure, insurance, technology, and managed care bloggers participate by contributing their best recent blog postings to a roving digest, with each issue hosted at a different participant's blog. For participants, it's a way to network and share ideas, and for those readers who don't live in this space every day, it's a way to sample some of the latest thinking and the "best of the best."

2 weeks
Submission Guidelines:

All the fields are pretty obvious but pay special attention to the "Posting Summary" field. This is the actual text/synopsis that will show up at HWR unless the HWR host edits anything.

Bad Example:
here’s something I wrote about healthcare

Good example (be sure to include links properly):
Joe Blogger at the ABC Blog chimes in with this fascinating look at the sex life of parrots. He’s a little cynical about the chances of national health reform in the bird world.

If the host doesn't like your synopsis she can change it anyway, but this is your chance to advertise your work, not the hosts' chance to become an editor -- so the closer to prime time you give the host, the less she has to interfere.

The only required fields are the category and the posting summary. Everything else is there for us to put into a database and be able to track it for future analysis; as such, all the fields after the synopsis/summary field are optional.

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