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Wellness Report

Ben Carson, HIllary Clinton and The Devil: The Republicans Reach Back to the the Middle Ages in Efforts to Elect Trump

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In science the devils have never lived. There you will find no goblins, ghosts or witches. For that, you need a Republican National Convention.

The Ark Encounter: People Who Take This Monument to Ignorance Seriously Should Have Their Heads Examined

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Though this is not a paid political ad for my candidacy for president or anything else, I fully endorse this message by FFRF's co-president.

Annie Laurie Gaylor, Co-President of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) of which I am a proud member, wrote a blog on 7/20/16 entitled, "Can it be stated enough? Why the Noah’s Ark myth doesn’t hold water." Reason is the first of four R-E-A-L dimensions of REAL wellness - it deals with respect for science, a capacity for critical thinking, attention to evidence in decision-making and other ways that educated people exercise common sense. I offer it here in its entirety.


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Wellness programs at the worksite focus on cost containment and risk reduction. Here's another approach.


Besides the obvious motivations for work, such as income, connectedness and opportunities to practice your skills, there are other positive returns from what you do for a living. You can benefit in varied ways, for instance, from designing new ways of adding M&P to work, not to mention daily functioning. Succeeding at either or better yet, both, will contribute to mental tranquility and enthusiasm for what lies ahead, every day.   

Worker Compensation Costs Are Controllable Only by Physically and Mentally Fitter Employees

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What is the best approach to mitigating the high costs of workers compensation? Treating injuries? Paying exorbitant costs? No!

Robert Green Ingersoll - Eight to Seven Address of 1877

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Are you dismayed with the candidates,the gridlock, the policies and politics of 2016? Consider RGI's take on the situation in 1877.

I have sometimes wondered whether our country was to be forever governed by parties full of hatred, full of malice, full of slander. I have sometimes wondered whether or not in the future there would not be discovered such a science as the science of government. I do not know what you think, but what little I do know, and what little experience has been mine, is, I must admit, against it. We have passed through the most remarkable campaign of our history -- a campaign remarkable in every respect.

Finding Added Meaning and Purpose At Work - It Can Be Done, with a Little Bit of Luck and Effort

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In a meaningless world, finding meaning and purpose is up to how. We "find" it by creating it. Choose carefully.

An Updated and Expanded Report on the Reason Rally in Washington, D.C.

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This is an expanded edition of my report which appeared here last week.

Your Faithful and Devoted Correspondent Reports from the Rally for REAL Wellness and Reason at the Lincoln Memorial in Wash, DC

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Last Saturday's Reason Rally was a watershed event for the secular voter and RW enthusiast. A first-hand report follows.

Worksite Wellness: The Role of the Company in Promoting Meaning and Purpose

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Can companies promote meaning and purpose? Should they do so? What issues to address? How to get started. All here.


Can organizations successfully include meaning and purpose (M&P) education as part of worksite wellness programming? Might doing enrich the sense of worth, consequence and value that many employees derive from work life? What obstacles could inhibit meaning and purpose education if it were a part of wellness programming? What benefits seem most likely to follow the introduction of M&P in organizations?

The Creed of Reason and the Creed of the Christian Faith: Which Way to REAL Wellness?

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Reason and faith lead the seeker of positive well being to different pathways, including support for or resistance to church/state separation.

Introduction: Reason Is In Season - Year Round

     No one should throw away his reason, the fruit of all experience.
     It is the intellectual capital of the soul, the only light, the only guide,
     and without it, the brain becomes the palace of an idiot king,
     attended by a retinue of thieves and hypocrites.

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