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Wellness Report

A Wellness Enthusiast Tries to Make Sense of Trump and the Republican Party

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What's a wellness promoter to think of the presidential run of Donald Trump and, more important, the Republican Party. Read on.


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Yoga Nidra for Complete Relaxation and Stress Relief by Julie Lusk

Introduction: (Pre-existing Conditions (i.e., Prejudices)

Birthdays, Death Days and In-Between Days

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What days of the year do have special meaning for you? Name three to five and explain. That's what I've done here.

(Note: This article was written 15 years ago - on my birthday. Enjoy.)

Special Days

Stress: Are You Master or Slave, Prince or Peasant to Your Emotions? Take This Test and Find Out

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Stress is a reality - you deal with it effectively or it makes you miserable and ill.

Why An Infidel, Freethinker and Atheist Wellness Promoter Wants Spirituality To Be a Featured Element of Worksite Wellness

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What is spirituality? Should it be part of worporate worksite wellness? Is this feasible?


Spirituality is not an “F” word but it’s understandable why some observers of the workplace wellness industry might think so. Examine the research and literature on corporate wellness offerings to discover purposes and outcome targets and you’ll find a list similar to the following, cited by the CDC in a recent report (CDC, “Comprehensive Workplace Health Programs to Address Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Tobacco Use in the Workplace”):

After Christianity, Islam and Thousands More, Do We Really Need or Want a New Religion? Yes, Says Don, Who Gives us "Reasonism"

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Responding to a contest sponsored by the pro-Christian John Templeton Foundatiob, Don identifies qualities he'd like to find in all regioineg


If you could invent a religion, what would it look like? You might ask yourself, Why would I want to do that?  Well, that would be a good question. We're in the information age, there's been a scientific revolution, we've sent a space probe beyond the solar system and wonders not only never cease—they're heralded daily on TV, newspapers and the internet. Religions are myths and superstitions—haven't we got too many of such antediluvian systems of prejudice already?

Are Americans Mentally Well? Not So Much.

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How many Americans are mentally disordered? One in Five? Too Low!


US Surgeon Generals, psychiatrists and all
manner of sensible people are aware that vast numbers of American are
somewhat unhinged. One former Surgeon General, namely David Satcher,
released an exhaustive review of research on mental health in 2001 which
revealed that one in five Americans have mental disorders.

Let Ten Great Freethinkers Help You Decide Which Party's Candidate for President to Support in the 2016 Election

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This is a literary self-assessment test that might be better than any other poll in forecasting which Party you will support.

Despite a Wellness Lifestyle, Despite a Vegan Diet and Despite All Else, I Had a Stroke

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A fall, denial and then a reality check and the next thing I knew, I was having a stroke. How could that happen to me?


The sunset on December 30, 2015 in no way foreshadowed a dark and stormy night to inhabitants of St. Petersburg, Florida. A pity, for such might have sparked a premonition of perdition straight ahead as I set off on a short run before dinner around 5:30 p.m.

About ten minutes into the run I found myself dazed and disoriented on the side of the road. Several strangers asked if I was OK, did I need any help. I brushed them off in a few words to the effect of I appreciate the offer but no worries. I'm fine—just resting a bit.

The Well Being Readiness Profile (WBRP) - Part Two

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A new tool for use in worksite wellness endeavors to shape a well being culture from one that sickens and harms productivity.

Introduction: A New Kind of Worksite Profile

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