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Wellness Report

A Well being Readiness Profile for Companies That Want to Hire and Retain Positive People

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Understanding typical patterns of workday conversations can yield valuable clues to lifestyles choices.


Workplace wellness has been a feature of U.S. companies for several decades. Still, many observers question whether outcomes from these endeavors justify the costs, and urge an assessment before continuing such current funding levels into the future.

Donald B. Ardell's Take on the Christmas: "I'll Have What Ingersoll Said About Christmas"

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In this essay, I summarize my feelings about the Christmas season and then segue to a famous sermon about the season by RGI.

(Note: Please commence your reading of this essay by listening to "White Wine in the Sun" by Tim Minchin.)

Old Fashioned Christmas

Mandatory Wellness? Pipedream or Nightmare?

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Don assesses a keynote given at the GW Summit in Mexico City in November wherein a keynoter forecast a coming era of "mandatory wellness."

But where harmony is preserved by the proper exercise, even old age is beautiful.
To the well developed, to the strong, life seems rich, obstacles small, and successes easy. They laugh at cold and storm. Whatever the season may be, their hearts are filled with summer.

~Robert Green Ingersoll


At the 2015 Global Wellness Summit in Mexico City last month, economist Thierry Malleret delivered a keynote entitled, “Outlook for a World Where Wellness May Become Mandatory.”


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We all experience declines with age, especially after age 50. But, some do so more than others. What's up with that?


While this commentary addresses two kinds of aging for those over age 50 (who will henceforth be called seniors), most of it applies as well to juniors and everyone else between obviously young and obviously old. Stages of life are real—everything about our bodies changes over time, but we have much more influence on how fast and what kinds of changes occur than most people realize.

Consider yourself a senior if any of the following apply to you:

American Journal Of Health Promotion Webinar on REAL Wellness

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What might the future hold for worksite wellness? Will it be similar to what exists, or not? Don suggests a new focus.

(A webinar sponsored by the American Journal of Health Promotion conducted on November 18 attracted representatives from approximately 200 organizations. The one hour transcript can be accessed at any time at the AJHP website.

Reason Is Too Important to Be Left to Chance - A Call for the Teaching of Good Thinking as a Priority for Worksite Wellness

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Why is the nature of critical thinking or effective decision making not emphasized in worksite wellness programming? Don offers a theory.

                   The interest I have in believing a thing is not a proof of the existence

                   of that thing.

                   Voltaire, in reference to Blaise Pascal’s infamous wager.

Worksite Wellness - An introduction to a Webinar About a Transition to REAL Wellness

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The American Journal of Health Promotion held a webinar to introduce and assess REAL wellness as a worksite focus. This is the intro to that session.

A recent essay at describes a webinar sponsored by the American Journal of Health Promotion (AJHP). In case you missed it, here is a copy of my opening remarks.


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An upcoming webinar will feature a discussion about a shift in worksite wellness. It will be archived so, if you miss it, don't despair.

Visitors to are cordially invited to sign up for and participate in a webinar on November 18 at 1:00 pm (Eastern) sponsored by the American Journal of Health Promotion (AJHP).

Good Thinking is the Key to REAL Wellness: Guy Harrison's New Book Will Inspire and Guide Good Thinking

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This is Don's review of "Good Thinking: What You Need to Know to be Smarter, Safer, Wealthier and Wiser" by Guy Harrison

admit that reason is a small and feeble flame, a flickering torch by
stumblers carried in the starless night-blown and flared by passion's
storm-and yet it is the only light. Extinguish that, and naught remains.

Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-1899)

An Existential Take on REAL Wellness

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What lessons can be learned about REAL wellness from an existential firefighter? Read this essay and find out.

 A few years ago, America’s most reliable news source, The Onion, published an interview with a courageous firefighter named James Farber. The story focused not so much on his heroic deed, remarkable though it was, but rather on his iconoclastic, not-so-much Christian views about meaning in life, human existence and virtue.

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