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Wellness Report

Ten Suggested Common Decency Commitments: A Big Improvement Over the Ten Commandments

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Ten suggested decency commitments are offered as a big improvement over the Ten Commandments.

 Preface: Ingersoll on the 10 Commandments

How to Reduce the Chances That You Might Waste Your Vote in 2016 by Favoring a Real Jerk for President

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How rational, or irrational, are American voters? The election day for choosing a president will soon be here. Prepare now!


the region of the Probable is the Possible, and beyond the Possible is
the Impossible and beyond the Impossible are the religions of the world.
The real miracles are the facts in nature.
~Robert Green Ingersoll

School Vouchers Constitute Government Sponsorship of Religion and Should Be Opposed

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The Religious Right is aggressively working nationwide to secure taxpayer money, that is, public funds, for religious education.

Public schools will suffer if the U.S. Congress passes the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Write your Congressional representatives expressing your opposition to this theocratic onslaught against our secular form of government. And it's not only the Federal politicians who are being pressured by religious interests to fund their superstitions. In Wisconsin and other states, vouchers are being legitimized in order to undermine public (non-religious education).

Impositional Religiosity

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This essay addresses a condition marked by political idiocy, fear-based messaging, emotional manipulation and religious pandering and irrationality.

(Satire by Don channeling his inner Dave Barry or perhaps auditioning for The Onion)

There Will Never Be a "Complaint-Free World," But It Might Be a Good Idea if We All Did Less of It

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A popular book a few years ago urging a new look at the benefits of less or no complaining is assessed from a REAL wellness perspective.

You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses.  Ziggy


Why complain about anything? One reason is to get action of some kind that rights a wrong, achieving justice real or imagined. Another is to relive stress. Some complaints make life better in ways large and small, whereas some have adverse consequences. It depends.  


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Don summarizes his presentation delivered at the recently concluded National Wellness Conference.

Low Impact Run Training for Triathletes, Duathletes, Aquathoners and Just Plain Runners

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Give your legs a break while becoming or staying fit for triathlons or other activities that involve running.

The Religious Right's Campaign to Inflict their Dogmas on the Rest of Us Under the Guise of "Religious Freedom"

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Religious freedom is a Trojan Horse designed by the Far Right to limit liberties of secularists. Just Say No!

Seven Veterans of the NWC Evaluate the Legacy & Speculaye on the Future of the Wellness Movement

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This essay describes two presentations that will highlight (at least for me) the 2015 National Wellness Conference later this month.


On Monday evening June 15 at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN, a “Celebrate Wellness” program will officially open the 40th National Wellness Conference (NWC). I will be one of seven veterans of this storied summertime conference to offer ten-minute assessments about the record of and prospects for wellness. This featured presentation will be followed by a concert and fine dining in a festive atmosphere, all conducive to the community-building for which this annual conference is renowned.

Grant Donovan Interviewd by WO Co-Author Don Ardell in St. Petersburg

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Grant Donovan, "Wellness Orgasms: The Fun Way to Live Well and Die Healthy" co-author, is interviewed.
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