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23 Days Until 23

There are only 23 more days until my 23rd birthday on August 6.

The years of exciting milestone birthdays are over, sadly, so I’m not exactly on pins and needles about it. I’m looking forward to August because that means I’ll be living in Hoboken finally and I will just have returned from a weekend in Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

On August 2nd (the day after I move, keep in mind), my family is throwing my great-aunt a party for her 90th birthday. I’m really excited because my grandmother, my aunt and my dad are all flying in for the event. Afterwards, my dad and I are driving down to Baltimore, where he will be working on business and I will be taking the train down for the day for the Quilt for Life showing. I haven’t decided if this means I’m going to cancel the Washington D.C. dinner and just see who is around on Monday or if that means I will go down to D.C. on Sunday night and on Monday. People who are in the area, please feel free to leave me a comment letting me know if you have a preference or if you are planning on attending the Quilt for Life showing (I will be there at 10 a.m. and would LOVE to meet people, so feel free to come say hi!), otherwise I will just send out an email to those who I already have spoken with.

It will be a busy, busy time but I’m definitely looking forward to celebrating an early birthday with my family and friends and seeing the ENORMOUS Quilt for Life presentation at the National Mall. That will be a sight to see! Having a quilt representation of my life on display in our nation’s capitol is definitely an achievement, I think.

In more fun news, I discovered that as a blogaversary present (well, not really), Guy Kawasaki’s blog directory, AllTop, has listed myself and many of our fellow bloggers in the Diabetes category. I helped with some of the recommendations, but I had no idea I would land in the first line, alongside Kerri and Amy! I’m very excited to be listed, and everyone else should be too. Many of you may not know who Guy Kawasaki is, but he is a prominent figure in the social media world so I have known about AllTop for several months because of my job. I wrote to them originally recommending Amy for their Health category, then found out they were creating an entire Diabetes category!

Speaking of presents, if anyone out there loves me enough to consider buying me something for my birthday, feel free to check out the Wish List I created for my family. Just visit, click on Wish List and search for my name. Not that I’m expecting anyone to buy me a Nikon D80 or a Macbook, but if you’re feeling generous, a subscription to Glamour would be pretty sweet… Something to decorate my new IKEA coffee table!

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