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EMR doesn't help much

So says Dr. Michael Wilkes in today’s Sacramento Bee:

Inside Medicine: So far, electronic records don’t help patients much

By Dr. Michael Wilkes -

Published 12:00 am PST Saturday, January 20, 2007
Story appeared in SCENE section, Page K1

Not long ago, I regularly coached students and residents that during their patient encounters, they should put their papers and notes aside and listen to the person — look them in the eyes. There was so much more to be learned by having doctors use their eyes as well as their ears.

Today, a flat-screen computer sits between the doctor and the patient — just as a fence divides two neighbors. My students and residents — like doctors around the country — are slaves to the computer and electronic medical records. If you’ve not had the experience of sitting across from your doctor as she or he types your medical history into the computer, then just wait, as it is likely coming. One health-care expert calls the push for the electronic medical record (or EMR, as it is called in medical circles) the search for medicine’s holy grail….

I like the article’s conclusion, which I’ll encourage you to read.

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