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Diabetes Mine: Seven Days with DexCom SEVEN

Amy has been trying the DexCom SEVEN and writes about it: 

It's just that I'm still a little disgruntled from my first experience. 

Diabetes Mine: Seven Days with DexCom SEVEN

Funny, but I'm had a completely opposite experience with the 3-day system.  In fact, this sensor I have in right now is working so well, I'm just not ready to go to SEVEN.

First, I haven't needed the shower caps -- I use them sometimes when I soak in the hot tub but haven't needed to, in fact, I just got out of the shower, and while I missed the readings while I was in the shower, I am getting readings again, and they are within 5 points of the Dexcom.

I've even left a shower cover on over night -- forgot to take it off, with no adverse results. 

The only reason I missed the readings in the shower, is because I left the receiver here in my office.

One other thing -- i am just not as body conscious as Amy is.  I wear a one piece suit and get over it.  Occasionally someone else ask questions, and it's often a good educational moment.  In fact, we had a lot of fun with it at my teacher workshop -- but then we're all computer teachers and are into geek things.

In other words, I still think Dexcom is very very cool.

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