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Change of Shift Goes to School and a Fellow MedBlogger Goes to 20/20!


Change of Shift is up this morning over at How I Spent My Nursing Education!

Someday Nurse has a theme to this edition, so if you are a student nurse, ever been a student nurse, ever worked with a student nurse or ever seen a student nurse there is something there for you!

Many thanks to Someday Nurse for hosting!

Change of Shift moves back to Emergiblog for the next edition,so you know the drill! Submit via Blog Carnival or to kmcallister911 at yahoo dot com. No particular theme, just anything to do with or by nurses!



I am so excited!

Steven Palter, our fellow blogger over at Doc in the Machine, is going to be featured on the ABC show 20/20 tomorrow night!

Steven has done some amazing work with technology in medicine and 20/20 originally wanted to interview him about his part in the National Geographic show that showcased his HD surgery.

Well, they expanded the segment and now it’s all about Steven and his work!

He writes about the experience here on his blog. Oh, and 20/20 blogged about him, too!

Steven, this is really exciting and I couldn’t be happier for you! I will most definitely be watching.

(P.S: Steven is on the far left!)



I would like to personally apologize to every patient who came in to my emergency department with gastroenteritis x one hour and received a silent but definite label of “wimp”.

I thought I was dying last night. I woke up with severe abdominal distension and pressure, nausea, dizziness and body aches.

Surely this could not just be gastroenteritis! I was sooooo sick!

My back had been hurting for two days…oh lord, it’s an aneurysm!

Oh no, it must be a small bowel obstruction and I’m going to get an NG tube!

Oh god, I might have perfed!

Now, why would I perforate my bowel? Who knows but I’m really sick!

I have gastroenteritis.

Geeze, this is miserable!

Perfect timing, too. First week of the new semester, two assignments due tomorrow.

Pardon me while I continue my pity party.

And my next patient who shows up because he vomited “once” gets an extra dose of Zofran on the house!

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