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Want To Know Where The Candidates Stand On Healthcare? Read Eye On FDA


Over the past few weeks, Mark Senak, who writes Eye on FDA, has been writing an excellent series focusing on where each presidential candidate stands on healthcare – especially as it relates to the pharmaceutical industry.  He not only talks about what each of them proposes to do, but points out where they could do better.  Take his analysis of Senator Barak Obama’s position on prescription drug pricing as an example:

“More than any other candidate, his site addresses each of the domains with particularity.  While the candidate gives a nod to the need for profits for drug companies for future research, when it comes to the fact that Americans are charged more for products than other countries on his importation policy, it does not take into account a global pricing structure that at this point, requires that more developed nations subsidize access for lesser developed countries.  That is an essential component for any commentary on drug pricing in America.”

Senak has done us all a great service by putting together this series.  Hurry over to his blog to learn more.

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