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Catching Sparrows Rounds Up The Edublogging Discussion on Classroom Mangement

Here you go:

Anyway, if you haven’t noticed the recent debates/commentaries on classroom management, you don’t get out into the blogosphere enough, so I’ll bring it to you.

dy/dan posted about classroom management,  Dangerously Irrelevant then one-upped with some youtube videos of teachers gone wild (and not in the high-spirited Spring Break fashion, but perhaps with a similar after-thought of “Oh, man, I hope my parents don’t see this.”).  Then Mr. K at Math Stories chimed in with what was a complete “aha!” comment for me:

What the “good” teachers do:So, at this school at least, discipline is a huge part of being able to teach at all, much less well. Many of the teachers are successful. They have well run organized classrooms, their students are engaged and learning, and succeeding at it. In talking with one of them, we came to the realization that there are a lot of different styles, but they all have at least one thing in common:

The classroom is culturally isolated from the rest of the school.

Go read and tell her I sent you.

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