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Change of Season at Change of Shift!

Change of Shift is now up over at NurseLinkUp, hosted by our old friend Keith of Digital Doorway!

The autumn theme has made me want to go get a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Looks like Zippy and I will be making a trip this afternoon!

Many thanks to Keith for hosting. The next CoS is back at Nurse Ratched’s Place , so you can send your submissions to “motherjones at yahoo dot com”.


There is a very promising author who has placed their book in installment form online (no, it’s not me!).

I have known this author for many years.

This book is five years in the making, and has already won one award.

It is called The Shadow of the East.

The first installment: The Beginning of the End.

Please check it out. I’m sure the author would appreciate any feedback you might have.

It isn’t a nursing book, but I promised the author I would give it a mention here on Emergiblog.


Thanks to all who have voted so far in the poll for topics at BlogWorldExpo09. If you would like to host the survey on your own blog, let me know and I can send you the html.

Remember, to vote, click on “comment” and then use the password “blog” to sign in to place your vote.


On a totally unrelated note: did you know Starbucks now has….get this…Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate!

Holy freaking cow!

I’m almost afraid to try it!

What’s next, French Roast with 0.9% NS?

I found this photo on the Gears and Widgets site.

I’d love to give credit for whoever put this photo together, because it just about sums up my need love for Starbucks.

Of course, I’d leave room for cream.

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